Can a Pregnant Woman Sleep During an Eclipse

Can a pregnant woman sleep during an Eclipse?

There is absolutely no scientific rationale behind the myth linking abnormalities in the baby with lunar or solar eclipses.


In different parts of the world –

  • Stay indoors during the eclipse: It has long been believed that eclipse could cause facial deformities or birthmarks in baby.
  • There’s not a single scientific explanation why pregnant woman:
  • should stay indoors during an eclipse, or,
  • Should not wear metal -should avoid wearing hairpins,
  • should not sleep
  • should not eat

The cause of a cleft palate has no proven links to eclipses during pregnancy.

  • Pregnant females are warned to lie straight to prevent a baby from developing crooked joints.
  • Urged to bathe before and after the eclipse and perform religious activities to ward off bad omens associated with the eclipse.
  • Historically, a total solar eclipse has been regarded as a sign of divine discontent and a warning of imminent death and destruction.

Specific environmental and climatic changes during a solar eclipse;

  • A sharp fall in temperature,
  • Drop in overall wind speed,
  • A rise in humidity and change in atmospheric pressures.
  • The beliefs related to Solar or lunar eclipses are deep-rooted
  • However, scientists do not back these claims.
  • Eclipse is a natural phenomenon; it can have no effect on pregnancy.
  • Remember that if you are pregnant, you should not go without food or water or too long as it can cause dehydration.
  • Sleep deprivation will cause gastritis, headache, abnormal Blood pressure and sugar level.

Eclipse is ‘a beautiful astronomical phenomenon’. Let’s enjoy it!

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