How to Sleep in Pregnancy

How to Sleep in Pregnancy

  • Sleeping in any position is generally fine in first trimester of pregnancy. GREAT!
  • Sleeping on your back is generally considered safe throughout the first trimester.  WOW!
  • Stomach sleeping is OK until you reach about weeks 14- 16. UNBELIEVABLE!

Side Sleeping

  • Later on in advanced pregnancy resting on your side — right or left — gives you and your baby the optimal blood flow.
  • Orthopaedic knee pillow that’s made of memory foam between your legs may ease discomfort in your hips if you are getting into the habit of sleeping on your side.
  • As your belly grows, make sure your mattress is firm so your back doesn’t sag.
  • Invest in pregnancy pillows, U or C shaped; it wraps around your entire body to help with side sleeping.
  • Or wedge pillows; place them under your growing belly and behind your back for support.
  • If you simply can’t get used to sleeping on your side, try using pillows to tilt your body at a 45-degree angle to the left or right. This way, you’re not flat on your back and compression is off your large blood vessels.

Stomach Sleeping

  • Stomach sleeping is OK until you reach about weeks 14-16.
  • The uterine walls and amniotic fluid protect your baby from being squished.
  • Use – stomach sleeping pillow: A firm pillow with a large cut-out for your belly.

Back Sleeping

  • This position may contribute to back pain, haemorrhoids, gastritis, heart burn and poor circulation. It may also make you feel lightheaded or dizzy.
  • Still if you found yourself in this position at night, don’t worry, good sleep is much needed. Don’t get all worked up.

Key to prevent all this;

Consider placing a wedge pillow behind you, when you try to roll onto your back, you’ll stop at an angle that will still allow blood to flow without hindrance. There’s lot many things during pregnancy to deal with; your sleeping position doesn’t need to be on the top.

Try to catch all the sleep before the little rattle is born!

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