Pineapple in Pregnancy

Pineapple in Pregnancy

Here is what you should know about the consumption of pineapple in pregnancy:

  1. Pineapple is a safe, healthy choice during pregnancy. People might have told you to avoid this fruit because it may cause early miscarriage or bring on preterm labour. However, this is just a myth.
  • One cup of pineapple contains daily recommended dose of vitamin C, Vitamin B6, folate, iron, magnesium and manganese. All these nutrients are important for baby’s development and your health.
  • The acids in the pineapple may give you heartburn or acidity. To avoid these side effects, it is best to consume it in moderation. Add it in yogurt or salad or porridge to dilute its citrus flavour.
  • If you don’t normally eat pineapple and experience any allergic symptoms after eating it, call your doctor. Allergy signs include: itching, swelling in your mouth, skin reaction, asthma, congestion or running nose. People who have known allergies to pollen and latex might be allergic to pineapple as well. Allergic reaction usually happens within minutes of eating pineapple.
  • Enjoy every fruit. Take 4-5 servings of fruits every day. Fruits and vegetables are storehouse of vitamins and minerals. High content of fibre in fruits helps in bowel movements.

Don’t fall prey to myths, enjoy healthy diet!

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